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2021 Homeschool Routine and Intentions

Expecting renewed outcomes and setting specific intentions are the two main ingredients in the recipe for making this year amazing!

In this video, I'm sharing our exact plans for the new chapter, and you can find your own intentions template here.

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Our routine has a new addition, mainly as an additional responsibility that I am going to entrust my learner with. Each week, we will be tracking our activities on this chart and filling in where we need to!

Practical & Prissy Homeschool Learning Chart

This new approach is going to allow my son responsibility in practicing concepts we have learned.

As a former kindergarten teacher, I did not assign homework, but provided practice activities for those students and/or families who wanted additional support and guided reinforcement of topics.

This will serve the same purpose in our at-home learning.

Do I expect my son to keep track of this independently? Not initially.

These activities will be an outline for the activities and practice that we are aiming to accomplish each week. I will walk him through the process of getting each task checked off and within the next couple of weeks.

It will become part of the routine without second thought!


Intentions for 2021

Instead of goals or resolutions, I was encouraged to set intentions for the new year and will more than likely do so from now on.

Intentions have motivation and meaning behind them, taking the race to achieve them out of the equation.

There's no goal weight to hit.

There's no list to mark off. There's only your desire.

Smacking yourself every time you indulge because your resolution was to lose 10 lbs. makes it feel like you're a dog being swatted with a newspaper.

Umm, that's not it, sis!

On the flip side, your intention could be to make better choices for your overall health. Water over soda kinda thing, where you have the choice and the power to pick.

2020 was a gut punch, to say the least. SO many things were out of our control.

Setting intentions and being given a choice for our outcomes feels like gold.

TAKE CONTROL and make your situation the best for your heart and happiness, backed by great intentions.

Our Purposeful Plan Going Forward

What will be your intention for this next chapter of our lives?

Here are the (simplified) intentions I have set for my personal growth and I'm putting them into the universe by sharing them here!

Happiness & Home

I will appreciate the little things by slowing down to appreciate each day we have been given together. Our home is filled with warmth and continues to provide a safe place for us to share with each other and loved ones.


The great things that come to us will be shared with others. I welcome abundance and the ability to spread it with those around us, creating comfort and support.

I would love to hear yours. Happy New Year, friend!


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