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3 Affirmations for Homeschooling Moms Facing Burnout

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, like you’re struggling to understand the code to learning at home. Your frustration may drag you down, but let these positive words fill your cup back up, mama!

I am a caring and invested parent.

Wanting the best for our little is in our DNA! We have watched and experienced transitional moments in their lives, and learning may fall into that category at times.

It’s okay to feel like you don’t know how to help them in the moment or season your child is facing, but holding their hand along the way will show your child more than you may realize.

You are a rockstar and this homeschool thing isn’t a breeze, but you continue showing up for your babies. That speaks louder than you may realize!

I am setting an example by persevering through tough times.

Our kids are always watching and always listening. Always.

I overheard my son getting on to one of our dogs who was sneaking into the kitchen to try and catch some scraps while I was making dinner.

“Are you supposed to be in there, my little sweet girl? Get out of there before you get in trouble.”

Don’t get me wrong, I have had my fair share of choice words with those dogs, so I’m glad he expressed those specific phrases.

I couldn’t help but grin a little at how many times I had said those words, not knowing he was listening.

Your babies have been soaking your every move in since they came into your life. The smiles, tears, celebrations, and every emotion in between.

Facing rough, challenging patches are part of why the amazing times stand out so much.

Being vulnerable and honest with our families, even your children, makes getting through difficult times a little easier while simultaneously teaching our kids how to push through hard times.

I am capable of finding solutions that work for me, too.

Running the ship comes with what can feel like the weight of the world. Caring for the crew first often means that mom comes last.

When you’re facing exhaustion and frustration from being burnt out, focusing on everything else seems easier than facing what’s picking at you from the inside.

Oftentimes we feel obligated to put others first because that is what had to happen for many years when our learners were babies.

Similar to being on a strict diet and workout routine, eventually your going to want a Coke and some crinkle cut fries.

While your family may be your regime, be sure to make decisions that support you too.


All in all, you are capable of so much, mama!

Push forward knowing that your intentions and love will guide your decisions and the path for your homeschooling journey.



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