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5 Ways to Encourage Your Learner at Home

Whether homeschooling is your first choice or you were thrown to the wolves because of the state of our world, these five ways to support your child will change the game for learning at home!

1. Teach to your child(ren)’s needs

When following a curriculum, or instructions of a lesson, it is easy to expect our children to fit into the "expected outcome" box.

This is where your learner is lead to (usually) one answer using a few strategies that may not make sense to your child's specific way of thinking.

Learning is not one size fits all, so we should not teach like it is.

If your little is struggling to follow the map provided, encourage new and unique ways of finding solutions.

Maybe listening to instruction is less interesting than watching paint dry in your child's opinion. Instead of expecting their way of learning to mold to a structured lesson, mix it up with different methods, such as video or hands-on experiences!

2. Build confidence in learning at their own pace

We've hear the saying, "comparison is the thief of joy" and the same is true of learning.

In a traditional learning setting, it is easy to notice how green another classmate's grass may seem, while your child may struggle with the same topic or activity.

Fortunately, home learning takes some of the pressure off and allows for understanding and exploration to take place in a way that is perfectly aligned to your child.

Life doesn't happen the exact same ways for each individual, and we should not expect that of learning and comprehension.

3. Explore topics of interest

It's much easier to become invested in concepts that we are drawn to.

I would rather listen to a video about another homeschooling mom's approach to learning at home than I would about how to change the oil in my truck.

Not to say both don't add value to my life, but one speaks to my interest more than the other-

the SAME thing applies to our littles!

Don't make learning about checking boxes, but gear it toward a hunger for learning and creating experiences that expand our current state of mind.

4. Strengthen your bond as you both grow

Step outside of your leadership comforts and plan a different type of education experience.

This was a step we didn't know we needed, but has now become part of our monthly schedule.

To see what I mean, check out the learning field trip we took this month.

By switching our regular routine, we all got a break and were able to spend some much needed time together outside of our home.

It was SO nice to experience something new together, and your children will love it!

Even if a field trip isn't in our future, consider changing your school setting to a new, unfamiliar space.

5. Incorporate values unique to your family

Homeschool doesn't come with a handbook, making it difficult to fill in the blanks that fall into a gray area.

When all else fails, do what you do best- lead your children.

Whether this means incorporating character building, digging deeper into your beliefs, or spending time learning more about your family history, there are various approaches to creating new opportunities in learning.


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