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EASY Things to Do This Summer with Kids

We're all looking for ways to keep our kids entertained, our sanity intact, and everyone happy over the summer. Whether you're carrying on with home learning or needing a few extra tasks to add in the daily flow, these ideas are packed with simplicity and fulfillment for the family!

Throughout our daily routine this summer, we have implemented pockets of time dedicated to various events and tasks that help everyone make it through the day without hearing those dreaded words:

"I'm BORED."

My mental breakdown of the day looks something like the categories below. I try to check off things to do in each pocket, which looks different each day, but allows for variety and most importantly- flexibility

Learn a New Card Game

As a kid, I remember playing cards with my mom during school breaks.

It was fun, easy to get and clean up, and has now become one of our go-to activities for down time.

There are many types of card games you can try out, but I'll tell you about our top two! Both of these are perfect for early elementary aged kiddos, but everyone will benefit from the fun.

Not only do we find ourselves having played a few games before lunch, but oftentimes bust the desk back out after dinner!

Card games are a great way to implement concentration and focus alongside entertainment.

What are your favorite card games?

Work Toward a New Skill

Each week, we have been diving into a new topic in learning.

If you haven't yet seen the Summer Learning Challenge, I highly encourage you to check it out here!

Each week has been filled with new experiences and fun challenges that tie in the learning.

Not only has it been a great way to have a low-prep academic piece to add into our day, but these tasks have allowed for a more relaxed way to continue learning throughout the summer months.

Spend Time in the Kitchen

Before you count this out, hear me out! If you plan and prepare meals for your family, you know that summertime can be a whirlwind. Make this part of your day more enjoyable and share the responsibility with your littles.

A few recipes we have tried were new to us all, making it a new experience for the family. Getting the whole family involved takes a lot of the work off of me, AND allows for a spin on this usual part of the day.

Make it easy, prepare stations for easy clean up, and enjoy! Here are our favorite food to prepare as a family: - Flatbread Pizzas

- Air Fryer "Fried" Oreos

- Copycat Taco Bell Cheesy Gordita Crunches

Get Outside!

This may be a no-brainer for the summertime, but heading to the park after dinner has been a game changer for us.

After the weather gets cooler, our bellies are full, and it's time to burn off that extra energy, going to play and run around is the best evening activity.

If the park isn't your "thing" or you don't have one nearby, consider choosing 1 day each week to try out a new playground or recreation center before ending each day.

Unwind with a Workbook

While I never recommend workbooks for independent learning, completing a few pages before bed has been a great way to review topics that we have already explored.

I usually alternate completing one task with my son, then switch, or he will do the odd numbered tasks and I will do the even numbered tasks.

This allows for more of a teamwork outlook, making it more enjoyable for the littles and gives an opportunity for you to model how to solve or think through each problem.

I hope you will share your must-do activities this summer and take a few of these ideas to implement into your daily flow!

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