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Field Trips and Learning Adventures from Home

Experiencing the world through varying environments and different cultures, creates new avenues of learning opportunities for our families.

Without the time or funds to travel and partake in those quests around the country or even worldwide, technology has provided these chances to us from the comfort of our home!

Imagine the moments of wonder we can offer to our children through exploration and discovery.

Virtual field trips are 3-D photo walkthroughs, pre-recorded tours, or even live web footage of various places around the world.

What types of places offer virtual field trips?

• Zoos and Aquariums

• Museums and Monuments

• National Parks

• Landmarks and Iconic Buildings

While pieces of the world and even familiar places may seem temporarily off limits due to the state of our world, we still have the chance to provide these wonders to our children!

Virtually exploring is a great alternative option for staying home but still enjoying the amazing pieces that make up our world.

What to Do on Virtual Field Trips


Create excitement and lay the expectations of the area you will be exploring!

Consider reading about the places or things your children will encounter. By laying groundwork, you’re setting the tone for what to expect along the way and building excitement for the experience.


Whether discovering new places for fun or gaining knowledge from the adventures for education, guiding your children can help concepts stick!

Enjoy the experience along with your children.

Discuss what you all are seeing and how the new findings speak to you. By sharing with one another, learning has the opportunity to expand into lasting experiences that will make a mark in your family’s minds forever.


Wrap up your thoughts and feelings with your children by sharing each other’s favorite parts of the field trip.

Use a journal to capture the experience with pictures and writing.

If your learners are older, have them think about what questions they may have and how to research the answers, as well as other experiences they are interested in.

The Great Barrier Reef exploration had my son's jaw open and mind busy the entire time. With maps, underwater footage, history, and LOTS of detailed facts, this virtual experience was nothing short of fascinating!

Amazing, Prepared Virtual Experiences to Check Out

A week of field trips, or virtual vacations as Amy lovingly refers to them, already planned for you! From Africa to Washington D.C., these explorations vary in content and topics.

Ideas and activities aligned to special adventures ready-made for your family!

There are many other virtual trips to be seen!

Pinterest is a great search engine fit for educational needs. A search on there will be sure to fill your field trip schedule for the year -and beyond.


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