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Homeschool and Housework Balance: Daily and Weekly Checklists

Keeping up with chores and at-home learning can feel overwhelming without a solid plan to maintain each moving piece. With these tips and checklists, create a simplified process to mark all of your tedious tasks as DONE!

There are various methods to making the madness more manageable, and I'm sharing how I have come to feel less anxious and more productive checking everything off the list each week!

For my sanity, I broke down my daily tasks into homeschool tasks and housework, things I needed to accomplish around our home.

It helped me to get the tasks from my brain on to an organizer and be able to physically scratch them off the list as I chipped away at them.

Mind mapping is suuuuper helpful, but it has helped me sleep at night without having what I like to call a "KEVIN Moment"

I used to pride myself on being able to remember anything, and now that I don't want to put myself in a position to drop the ball.

Do you operate better with your tasks written out or can you neatly file everything in your mind?

Get it Done with Checklists

Printables and checklists can support your journey to calming the chaos that is our every day. Make it easier on yourself with these templates!


What are some tasks that you do every day in preparation for learning?

Most we don't need to be reminded of, like waking up and making food, but others that we may not like so much are worth writing on your list so marking them off feels even sweeter.

I set a new intention to make laundry a smaller daily task so I don't have 8 loads to knock out in one weekend. I added it to my checklist so the visual reminder is there to help future me have less buildup.

Which housework chore do you not mind and which always get put off for tomorrow?


Prepping for work and learning each week is something I enjoy, but not so much things around the house.

By setting a goal to tackle tasks weekly, you have more wiggle room for fitting them in without forgetting them completely. This works tremendously with our weekly homeschool routine and turning it into a visual plan for myself has helped boost my motivation, and I know it will help you too.

Do your children watch you plan and prepare for upcoming tasks and events?

Involving the Family

Creating a routine allows for chores and tasks to become second-nature to us. By involving your children, not only does it lighten your load, but allows an opportunity for your kids learn life skills and the value of keeping up with responsibilities that aren't so fun.

Family and Kids Printable Chore Chart

Grit and Grace has a great chart about ways for your children to get involved and help at home, as well as keeping the whole family organized! Check her chart out here.


If you love realistic parent chat and learning hacks for your kids, this is your kind of place.

I taught in the classroom for five years before joining the educator support crew.

Now I'm homeschooling my son while growing alongside other parents and teachers.

Take a peek at the printables and teaching tidbits I have here + follow me everywhere else!

I would love to hear about you! I'm happy you're here.

I'm Lauren
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