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Planning Tools to Prepare for Home Education

What do you need and what can you grab along the way?

Kicking off your homeschool journey may sound a lot like this, wondering what tools will best equip you along the way. Find the most effective tools for preparing for home learning and planning daily and weekly activities.

Planning and feeling prepared not only eases anxiety, but puts your target into perspective with a pathway to nail it. My little learner has even gotten used to seeing events and plans on the weekly calendar on our refrigerator, which shows the impact preparation can have on your family.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

Find tools that allow you to draw up your desires, create an approach, and tackle them with confidence.

I have had a lot of planners and plenty of digital resources that were adorable, but didn't truly fit my personal wants and needs. Figuring out which type of layout and characteristics of planning tools is worth the trial and error, I promise.

You may enjoy checklists, setting intentions, or physically creating a plan for tackling your ideal schedule. Tell me what speaks to your planning heart!

Digital Planning

Many planners and organizers are now digital, giving you access to doodle on them within the software available on your tablet or iPad.

TheMagicHappens has a great all-inclusive digital planner option here just for homeschool.

To make PDF documents editable while you're on your computer, check out this Chrome extension to draw and write on, edit, and highlight documents.

Pretty cool, right?

Pen and Paper

I personally use weekly planners on a regular basis to help me organize the tiny pieces floating around in my mind on to tangible pages.

I would often forget that I had written something in the Notes of my phone, or think of something hours after I needed to finish something on my to-do list.

I needed a good ol' paper and pencil styled process!

When there is laundry to be done AND lessons to be planned, these templates have been a lifesaver.

Give them a try to simplify your tasks and plans for homeschool and working from home.

With these printables, I can scribble on them to switch things up, check things off to feel accomplish, and it truly helps me stay on track.

Writing Utensils You Will LOVE

You may have seen my mini Dollar Tree haul where I tried their erasable highlighters. Let me tell you, I was SHOOK!

They're legit and totally worth getting for adding a little flair and attention to your planning parts.

Aside from those beauties, Flair Felt Tip pens are a must have. Get the 20 pack and let your kiddos use them too. Mine loves free writing with the vibrant colors.

Not only will they liven your pages, but they don’t bleed through the paper. Cha-ching!

Whichever form of getting your things together, find my easy-to-follow weekly and daily planning and schedule templates here to get started!

Grab your favorite drink and plan with me in this video. I'll show you my process and a few of the goodies I didn't mention here!


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Now I'm homeschooling my son while growing alongside other parents and teachers.

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