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How to Balance Home Education and Working Full Time

Working from home comes with its own attentiveness and demanding responsibilities, so adding homeschool to that load can seem quite heavy. Balance is possible with the right formula to find a fit for you and your learner.

Maintain a Routine

By establishing a weekly schedule and daily routines, it is easy for everyone to know what is expected to happen and the times set aside for work and learning. Although there may be fluctuations in the beginning, the perfect arrangement exists for your situation. The significance of structure allows for seriousness and diligence during instruction, which will make a difference in the impact homeschool has on both of you.

Create and Uphold Expectations

Laying out clear guidelines of what you are hoping to establish and what your learner is seeking can help identify any potential misconceptions. In this conversation, take the opportunity to discuss goals with your child. Listen to their desired outcomes in learning and share your career aspirations, allowing your learner to understand that you are working toward objectives as well.

Establish Separate Spaces for Work and Play

Working from home limits your exposure to people and places you otherwise would experience daily. Not going in to the office may be out of the norm, but creating a space for learning and work at home will inspire you and your child to accomplish everything with excitement and comfort. I work in our home office to perform most tasks on my list, and my son has a separate area for his schoolwork. Having our own set ups helps each of us to stay focused and organized, but having them both in the same room allows us to work simultaneously and keep our materials sorted.


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