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7 Ways to Actually Make Money at Home While Homeschooling

It's no secret that our world is changing at the speed of our internet connection and managing every aspect can be tricky. Working from home is a more popular option, especially since social distancing comes easily with being remote. There are many options that allow flexibility in your schedule, budget, and mindset of how to bring in some money!

I was a teacher and single mom for almost four years, trying to juggle a budget, outrageous daycare tuition, a mortgage AND a vehicle payment. I was in over my head and had close to no idea what I was doing for a good chunk of time.

Although my income was decent, my expenses were quickly eating away the precious wage I was earning. Not only that, but I realized that I was spending more time working, between teaching in the classroom, attending meetings, and planning, while my own child was seeing his teachers more than his own mommy.

Nearly $1,000 or 1/3 of my monthly budget had to go towards daycare, but over half of my time was spent at work, away from my child. I quickly grew to hate that fact and needed a change.

As a kid, I spent time at my grandparents while my parents worked. I loved it so much, but for my own child, I wanted different. My baby was getting older and I felt like I was missing out!

Have you felt like that before?

I wanted to be the one making his lunches, attending field trips with him, and guiding his learning while watching him grow right in front of me!

I know, not every situation is perfect and that working from home may not seem possible for your family at the moment. I had the same mindset, but I am going to show you a few ways that it can work!

If you're creative, consider...

Selling Your Items Online

There are a variety of avenues to show off your skills and generate some cash in return! By simply sharing a photo on Facebook Marketplace, neighborhood apps, and even your own social media page your creations could ramp up revenue and provide income.

Are you a knitting guru? Show off those skills and get paid for your passion.

Do you paint in your free time? Let others see your pieces and want to own them for themselves!

Maybe you love taking pictures. Turn that into a weekend hustle! Seniors are sure to be looking for someone to capture their end-of-year pics, which would provide a great reason to reach out to families around you and offer your services.

Thrift or Repurpose Furniture

Did you know people are making a full-time income by simply cleaning up sofas and reselling them? I'm talkin' BIG bucks. Check out this video for some super neat tips and tricks for this type of money-making.

There are often free items in immaculate condition listed online or sitting on the curb. Some need a simple cleaning up while others could use a new coat of paint. Either way, giving furniture a facelift can bring in a pretty penny!

This is one of my personal favorites, and I find it so rewarding to refinish a table or chair and find a great home for the item. Although it may be old to someone, it will be new and the perfect addition to someone else's space!

If you love to share your life and experiences, these are fit for you!

Start a Blog

Just as you are now reading this specific blog post, it once started as an idea.

Your ideas matter and could be so neat to share with others! There are a number of ways to generate income with a blog, probably more than you think. I was blown away after finding Suzi at Start a Mom Blog. She shares SO much useful information and detailed ways to turn your blog into a profitable business.

Not only is she a fun person to learn from and watch, she is a dedicated mom and wife. She is another example of how being a boss is possible at home!

She even utilizes the next idea we're going to dive into and shows how it is all possible.

Create YouTube Videos

If writing isn't so much your jam, video is an alternative way to express your experiences and interests with others.

There are content creators who share about what their family eats each week. Others share their favorite car cleaning techniques.

Some even document their everyday lives just because!

The options are endless when it comes to YouTube and there are people out there who would love to watch whatever it is you're posting. Viewers love seeing how unique people’s lives are and what their favorite Trader Joe's seasonings are, which is so cool to get to share with people all over the world!

For a more traditional feel, you could become a...

Virtual Assistant

This position includes completing administrative tasks, such as responding to emails and maintaining schedules for a business or individual. You would work remotely and be considered self-employed, as your schedule and duties are typically more flexible and varying.


If accounting is up your alley or you're a numbers whiz, consider bookkeeping. Businesses and individuals will pay for your services of organizing and recording their transactions and receipts to maintain their records. This is becoming more common in the freelance world, making it easier to tap into!

Social Media Manager

A social media manager works with a company to maintain their accounts. This includes posting and sharing, and often responding to customers and fans. If you rock at thinking of catchy captions and making people love what you have, this would be perfect for you!

Despite what your pick may be, know that it is possible!

Which of these ideas could you picture yourself being awesome at?

You can work around your homeschool schedule or vice versa. School doesn't have to be 8 am to 3pm when you're the superintendent and the principal. It is absolutely okay to live the way that works best for your family!


If you love realistic parent chat and learning hacks for your kids, this is your kind of place.

I taught in the classroom for five years before joining the educator support crew.

Now I'm homeschooling my son while growing alongside other parents and teachers.

Take a peek at the printables and teaching tidbits I have here + follow me everywhere else!

I would love to hear about you! I'm happy you're here.

I'm Lauren
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