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Sight Word Practice Schedule

Having a sight word routine has been worth saving room for in our homeschool world.

Let me show you what works for our sight word practice, as I walk you through our homeschool routine and the activities we incorporate into learning sight words.

How do you teach sight words to your emerging readers?

The schedule I use at home mirrors one I created while teaching kindergarten a few years ago.

Not only is it easy to follow, but it allows for repetition of a routine, revisiting, and tools for progress monitoring.

My favorite part of this routine is a piece that is incorporated most.

This wearable reference tool serves as the lesson, introducing the word and allowing your learner to read, trace, and write it for practice.

Each day of a new word being introduced, a practice bracelet will follow.

Our Routine for Sight Words

Days 1-4, I introduce the word by saying it, writing it on our board, and writing a sentence with the word. While writing the sentence, I also review sentence characteristics.

Day 1, Word 1

Day 2, Word 2

Day 3, Word 3

Day 4, Word 4

Day 5, Review Words 1-4

On Day 5, we review all four words together once more and my son completes a sight word grid independently.

This grid is a quick way for me to assess his comfort with the words.

I will say something like, "color all words that say that in red" and follow up by using that in a sentence. Repeat until all four words are found and covered.

If there is hesitation, that tells me we need to practice more and we will revisit together before moving to the next set of words.

Practical & Prissy Homeschool Routine Sight Words

Independent Practice for Learners

As part of our new routine, I have set up independent activities for my son to use.

Included in these activities are phonics activities, syllable games, and sight word exercises. I talk about them all in this planning video, and will be utilizing those for my learner to reinforce new reading skills and strengthening knowledge of sight words.

I absolutely love this idea from Malia at Playdough to Plato

What a simple, low-prep way to entertain your learner while mastering sight words!

I used to play "squares" with my grandma often, so this one hits me right in the nostalgia.

Find fun, new (or upcycled) ways to add sight words into your routine.

They're all around and easy to pair with other lessons!

I can't wait to see how you will incorporate them into your homeschool routine.



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