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Socialization: Homeschool Truths

One of the top questions that arises when considering homeschool is socialization. Let's address this misconception with full transparency.

Will my homeschooled child struggle to build communication skills?

Will he be "weird" or awkward in social settings?

How can a kid who is homeschooled possible be able to function around others?

Somehow these questions aren't so readily asked to families of children who attend traditional schools, but the same situations may also occur in those settings.

As a former classroom teacher, I have experienced both sides of this coin and can say with confidence that home education provides far more flexibility for social skills to form.

This is where the power of choice comes into play for homeschoolers.

We choose to homeschool for various reasons, all surrounding the best interests and intentions for our children. This looks different for every learner, but one similarity is investment.

Investing in our children is far more important than the small spurts of interactions allowed in schools today.

Opportunities to socialize and build relationships when homeschooling are everywhere!

The internet is a beautiful thing when it comes to casting a net to inquire about what you're looking for. Many popular ideas include:

  • co-ops and enrichment groups for learning

  • extra-curricular activities

  • social and play groups

While there are friends who meet in a safe online setting, such as Zoom, there are weekly in-person groups that get together too.

I have even seen gaming groups, for Minecraft or chess!

These type of interest-based gatherings would not be readily offered and arranged in a public school setting, or in many other school setups, but homeschooling provides these chances for involvement and enjoyment.

Ditch the Discouragement

Homeschooling can often seem lonely, or too individualized for connections, but that is a stigma that carries little validity.

Allowing our mindset to shift makes room for socialization to take place in unconventional ways.

This can be said about many topics surrounding learning at home!

Embrace the sea of differentiation and team up with other families looking to fulfill their children in similar ways, or pave your own path for others to walk on with you.

This experience is exactly what we make of it, so create the experience that will mean the most.



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