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Steps to Starting Home Education

Whether you are making the decision to homeschool quickly or have been planning that path for years, you may have found yourself wanting to check off the tasks that come along with that preparation.

Before homeschooling, read the steps that cover each aspect of the venture into at-home learning. Make a smooth transition into homeschooling with this outline!

What Your Homeschooler Needs

The superstar of your homeschooling journey should be your learner(s).

When building the foundation of your child's academic career, focusing on his or her strengths and interests will immensely strengthen it.

Get to know your learner deeper than before, including how information is learned and applied best by his or her brain.

These Learning Avenues charts (right) provide lesson approaches and activity ideas that speak deeply to your child's mind, in order to establish roots that will last through the years.

Download your Avenues of Learning charts now!

You, Superintendent of Your Homeschool

El Capitan, Director, Chief, whichever title you choose- you are in charge of your homeschool operation.

The first thing to consider is what you are realistically capable of giving to your child(ren) in terms of support for home education. This will directly effect the path you choose for a learning at home program.

Take into account your availability and willingness to set aside time and be diligent about keeping up with academic tasks. This could include delivering a lesson from introduction to conclusion, supporting your learner throughout the required activities, and potentially more.

Before taking on such important responsibilities, seriously consider the weight you are mentally and emotionally able to take on.

Be realistic, mama!

There's nothing wrong with finding programs and resources to fill any gaps that your schedule and/or availability may not be able to accommodate. Don't be afraid to find tools to make it work for you and your family's needs.

Family and Home Education

When planning to begin learning at home, family has to be heavily taken into account.

After choosing homeschool, there will be a few areas to discuss and create expectations around in order to prepare for a success!

Plan for Breaks BEFORE They Are Needed

Yes, plan breaks ahead of time. Simple as that.

Just as traditional schools prepare a year-at-a-glance calendar, consider doing the same.

Even if your plan is to learn for 3 weeks and take 1 week off, that is still a system set in place that creates predictable events and has an end in mind for your learners.

Get Back to the Basics

The second piece of the puzzle to learning at home while making your family happy, is to know when to slow down or minimize tasks and committments.

When we feel overwhelmed, we take a break and step away for a bit.

Allow your kiddos and family as whole to make that same choice when homeschooling gets tough. It's okay!

Learning will still be there when you return. Remember that keeping your focus and maintaining a safe, supportive learning space for your children is far more important that meeting schedule deadlines.

Starting Homeschool Checklist

Choosing a Fit Curriculum

Before checking this off the list, there are a few key points to take into account.

  1. Your state's requirements for homeschooling Google: your state + homeschool requirements

  2. Programs aligned to your child's learning style

  3. Curriculum time requirements and

  4. Program structure and assessments

Each of these pieces will create a solid decision and plan for your homeschooling experience.

By forming a blueprint that will is focused on supporting your learner, home education is sure to be a walk in the park.

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