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The Talk Every Homeschool Mom Needs to Hear

Let's step into this chat with a welcome mat of peace and non-judgement.

Self-doubt is one of the biggest road blocks we place in front of the possibilities of homeschooling our children. Often, we hinder our potential by telling ourselves we aren't enough to teach our children.

Take a deep breath, hug yourself, and then keep reading!

"Im not ________ enough to homeschool my child."

By letting these thoughts seep into our confidence, we have cheated ourselves and our babies of the magic that is learning at home.

From birth, your children have been shown how to accomplish many tasks and problem solve using your guidance and love as tools for their success. Homeschooling is an extension of those same skills and approaches!

You have created spaces and environments best for your child's interests and goals, all while harnessing ways to support his or her needs.

You have encouraged them through failed attempts and revised plans so they are able to achieve outcomes they wish for.

Homeschooling is no different.

Creating New Approaches

The outlook we hold powers the whole operation, making it vital to uphold positive attitudes and optimism.

Even when plans seem to crumble or activities become a train wreck, our children are able to take those times as examples of how to adjust and find new solutions.

Not only are those important skills to teach, but it invites conversation and transparency around mistakes and new plans for success.

Imagine the feeling that will follow failed attempts if your children see that there isn't a negative consequence tied to needing a new approach.

Persistence and Patience

When we become eager for perfection or a social media worthy set-up, we lose out on the authenticity of building connections through knowledge with our children.

By treating ourselves with kindness, we prove that attitude is one to hold near. Our learners see the love we make space for within ourselves when we aren't beating ourselves up for not checking everything off of the list.

Adjusting to give grace to plans and desired outcomes, we allow for the real magic to take place in homeschooling. As the leader, you have the power to teach your child to see the lack or the potential.

The choice is yours!

The deeper lessons we are able to be living proof of for our children is what makes teaching at home more powerful than any other educational arrangement.

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