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by Lauren Villareal

Teaching Parent Guide

Aiming to effectively teach your child at home?

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Imagine a useful tool that...
...guides you to aligning your homeschool vision with reality
...lays out routines that will fit any schedule
...provides tips and direction for powerfully educating at home
The Realistic Guide to Starting Home Education
is a workbook to support your homeschooling experience and effectively educate your child.
  • unit planning and lesson preparation resources
  • setting and meeting expectations for learning at home
  • establishing a routine and potential schedule
  • understanding your child's learning style(s)
  • teaching self-reflection for superior progression
This workbook is for you if...
You have decided to teach your child at home and are ready to begin the best adventure ever.
You want a clear idea of how to best support your learner.
You need a clear game plan for homeschool success.
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Ready to win the teach-at-home game?
Let's do this!

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