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3 Ways to Revamp Your Homeschooling Routine This Year

You don't need to reinvent the wheel, but buffing it can give it life again.

Your approach or homeschool flows may need a little love in the same way when they have been faithfully utilized every day.

Have you switched things up in your homeschool routine?

Opportunities make room for more magic can provide the perfect real-life examples for children to experience flexibility and the importance of adapting.

You have the ability to include them in revising a plan, making the outcome even more personalized.

Don't Shy Away from Change

While it can be intimidating to make changes, especially while piloting your homeschool operation solo, the payoff will be incredible.

Think outside of the box!

If there is anywhere fit for trying and experimenting, the safety of your home learning environment is perfect. As parents, we should embrace risks and adventures that will enhance our learning experiences.

1. Try a New Workbook or Curriculum Style

A trial or preview of a new approach to preparing and carrying out lessons could change your teaching vision.

Are you used to traditional, straight forward learning with easy-to-predict activities?

Try a mix of experiments and books surrounding the topic you're covering instead.

Breaking up the monotony of repetitive curricula structure can revive your kids' learning experiences, while reminding you of the freedoms you have when teaching at home.

2. Find a Fit Co-Op

Having a group of homeschooling families and friends offers support that is unmatched by others not having the same routines and demands.

Co-ops are groups organized to facilitate learning and a community with homeschoolers and homeschooled children.

These groups range in interests, goals, and style, creating various avenues toward the same outcome.

I have found that the freedom of this option gives endless opportunities for building connects with others and fostering self-discovery as your learners form a deeper understanding of their personalities and individual interests.

3. Subscribe to Monthly Learning

Experience learning in new ways with hands-on projects and activities each month.

While keeping your curriculum in place, these educational kits provide excitement and anticipation for new options of learning.

Check out these companies below for fun ventures delivered to you!

  • KiwiCo - from geography to tinkering, Kiwi Crates offer exploration in a box monthly or individually

  • Little Passports - get these play-based kits surrounding science and exploration

  • Cratejoy - there is a box for EVERYTHING, every age, and even options to sell your own

Try something new and enjoy the experience along the way!

What better way to create lasting memories than to witness your child learning each day.

*Products mentioned and/or linked above may be affiliate links which means I earn a small commission (at no additional cost to you). By purchasing from my links, you help support me and my channel. Thank you!


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