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5 Homeschooling Moms You HAVE TO Watch on YouTube!

Having a community of likeminded friends, in-person or virtual, creates a special kind of inspiration inside of someone.

The internet has helped us connect with people from our past, across the country, and even some who are just like us but we would have never known it!

Who do you love to keep your notifications on for and what makes you love them?

One of my goals as a blogger and creator is to welcome everyone. I love the feeling of coming as you are.

I'm an oddball myself, but it took me a while to be okay with that!

I wish I would have been more comfortable with my opinions and goals sooner, so I hope I can inspire others to give in to their passions and honest desires from life.

I talk to my son about those lessons now, intentionally discussing topics like inclusion and the importance of building relationships.

Connecting with Other Moms

I truly believe that you are who you attract.

Filling my time in the company (even virtually) of people I admire and am inspired by is important!

Starting a channel was how I could contribute to the community I constantly gained from.

You're here and you've gotten this far, so we're probably a lot alike!

Check out my weekly videos about this kind of stuff, all things education, and parenting here.

Shameless plug.

If you could have a coffee date with them, subscribe!

I follow a pretty easy rule for myself:

If you couldn't picture yourself having a conversation with the person or family you're watching, don't commit to following their content.

This helped set a mental boundary for myself, which lead to 1) keeping my watch time to a minimum and 2) excitement when those channels that felt like my people post new videos

It almost feels like having your friends over for dinner.

You get to catch up on their lives, get some tips and tricks, and come away feeling fulfilled.

Homeschool Mom YouTube Channels You Will Love

These are a few of the women I found motivation and reassurance from during the beginning of my homeschooling adventure.

Each of them have unique, encouraging, and brilliant approaches to managing their homes and children. It has been inspiring to watch each of them, so I want to share them with you as well!

Jamie shares her passion for homeschooling her three children and managing motherhood. I love her "day in the life" videos and how honest she is about the happenings of life!

It makes you feel welcome and comforted, even through a screen.

Torrie has a special warmth to her personality, that you will find so genuine.

(Her son and mine have the same name. How neat!)

She shares homeschool information and encouraging chats.

It truly feels like you're conversing with a friend while catching up with the happenings of her approach to teaching at home.

I love the tips that Tabitha shares on her channel!

She is a homeschooling mom of 5 and is always giving great ideas and motivation for cooking, cleaning, and every bit in between.

On this channel, you'll find inspiration for motherhood and homeschooling.

I relate to Brittany and her relaxed approach to home education. Realistic mom chat and tidbits about her journey as a homeschooling mama of 2 will be found here!

Each of these ladies offers different perspectives to the same outcome- supporting and raising our children to be their best.

I would love to hear about your favorite creators and mamas to keep up with, or maybe you have a channel of your own.

Share your go-to channels and ones you love to be a part of in the comments!


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