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Apps and Tech We Love for Homeschool

There are LOTS of amazing resources available for learning at home, including curriculums and programs online and with tangible materials.

While I have talked about things to consider before choosing a curriculum or program, should you choose that route for your children, I didn't discuss the possibility of taking on homeschooling yourself.

I don't mean completely by yourself, but as the curriculum captain.

Setting up topics, unit studies, and activities aligned to topics of your learner's interests as opposed to utilizing a ready-made system.

There are many reasons we chose this path for our home education experience. You can check out this video if you want to know a little more about that.

We enjoy learning via various avenues, including board games and field trips, but I have to share our top technology picks for learning at home!


I was hesitant to get my 4-year old a device. I didn't want to "give in" just yet, but then I came across this gem. Let me tell you why we love this thing!

Amazon Fire HD Kids Edition

• Your child can independently explore audiobooks, games, safe apps, and educational videos,

• A super neat colored kid-proof case is included.

• ALSO, there is a 2-year worry free guarantee if it breaks or has issues for any reason.

• You can also set time limits for learning based content, which I utilize each day, and parameters for the device to lock and unlock so your child can become familiar with appropriate screen time limits.

There are two options, one with an 8" screen or a 10.1" screen

Seriously, get one!

It is a great tool for learning and game wrapped in one.



*Since we use an Android-based tablet, these apps are available on similar devices.


Yes, as simple as it sounds, this is one of the best number and letter form recognition apps out there!

This fun, interactive tool allows kids to practice forming - uppercase letters

- lowercase letters - numbers - shapes

This helps with practicing letter and number recognition, a key foundational skill.

By allowing your learner to practice using a stylus, he or she has the opportunity to strengthen fine motor skills as well!

Think: technology meets writing practice.

Yes, please!

Number Blocks

Make numbers come alive for your learner, with these cute and bouncy math blocks.

This app offers several forms of math practice, but with these super active forms.

Even helping your learner celebrate success or stay encouraged to try again!



I'm one for a good old fashion computer game.

I'm not quite sure my little shares my enthusiasm, but there are many sites offering beneficial practice and exposure for learning in fun, but effective ways!

Teach Your Monster to Read -

This FREE site offers support with foundational reading skills, ranging from letter recognition to sight words and even full sentence practices.

All of the games have adorable monster characters and all types of structures.

Reading Eggs -

Math Seeds -

These sites are part of the same umbrella company, and operate very similarly.

Structured lessons and activities from Pre-K to 4th grade give your child various methods of mastering core skills.

You can try their programs free for 30 days, and then decide to become a member with more exclusive perks by signing up monthly or yearly.

Also, take advantage of these FREE homeschooling resources offered by Reading Eggs.

There are activities and tools aligned up to age 13!

BrainPop, BrainPop ELL, and BrainPop Jr. -

Who doesn't love learning with video and a fun robot!?

Get the scoop on basic skills in all subjects, popular topics, and current events with these sites.

Annie and Moby simplify these topics, and there are tons of additional learning resources offered that follow each video.

Find videos, games, quizzes, and printables for each area of focus.

There are over 800 topics covered!

BrainPop Jr. is for material for grades K-3 BrainPop 3-8 BrainPop ELL supports learners of all ages

Because there are so many options, there is a monthly or yearly subscription fee to access all of the resources and learning materials for all BrainPop sites.

Check out the homeschool options for the plan that best fits your needs!

DISCLOSURE: This post contains affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, I will receive a commission if you click through my links and make a purchase.



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