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Our Homeschool Room Makeover

The space that you do your best thinking, learning, and creating has to fit your needs and personality better than any other area. That was my motivation for our homeschool room/office!

The "renter's beige" and overall gloomy feeling of our space was NOT cutting it for the life I wanted to bring to our learning and sharing with you all.

You may remember what it looked like, but here's a little refresher.

We have various uses for this room, including our mini home gym, so it needed to have the most maximized use for each of our needs.

Can I just say... YIKES

BEFORE the Makeover

Okay, it's not that bad, but compared to now it is a cry for help.

We had a mounted, pull-down desk, which I still absolutely love for storage purposes. It served us so well during this first year of homeschooling, and we are super grateful for that!

Overall, this photo makes the room feel kind of sad and very dark.

Let me just say, that is not a great representation of the magic that has taken place here

That's where the idea bloomed, with the intention that this space was having a hard time fulfilling its purpose.

DURING the Transformation

We started with taking the double closet doors off and adding shelves to create a built-in look. This alone opened the room and added a much needed lightness to the previously drab vibe, making the next steps so exciting to finish.

Painting the closet shelving and walls a bright white allowed for so much flexibility in finishing the rest of the room.

We chose a super light gray color for the walls to continue adding life and a freshness to our home learning space.

It ended up changing the entire feel, making this room my new favorite!

AFTER the Homeschool Room Revamp

In case you missed it, head over to the final reveal to see what else we were able to find to fit this room perfectly and catch the reveal!

I would love to hear your thoughts and to know what makes your learning space(s) perfect for you and your family!



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