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How to Actually Prepare for Homeschooling

So, you've decided to homeschool, but aren't quite sure what's next. You found it!

First, let's get the legalities taken care of. Visit Homeschool Laws By State to check your state's mandated subjects and/or assessment requirements

Now that that's out of the way, choose which style, or model, of homeschooling is best for your family and your learner(s).

To make it short and sweet, models range from classical to eclectic. Each style provides individuality in materials covered and lesson delivery methods which compile the ideal formula for your child.

This is a huge piece of your new homeschooling journey, but the fun part about learning at home is that you're the leader!

Whichever model you choose is going to be the one you're implementing, so taking your desires into account as the new superintendent is just as important.

Don't feel pressured to choose and stick to one model of homeschooling, as needs and preferences will change as time passes. Keep flexibility at the forefront of your plan!

Homeschool is the perfect space to adapt learning for your specific situation!

A great resource for understanding the various models in more depth can be found here.

Next, outline a general routine for learning. Start with one day and adjust your flow as needed. Remember that it is great to adapt to your family's and learner's needs- that's one of the best homeschooling perks!

Here are a few things to ask yourself when forming a routine:

  • When will our year start and will we learn year- round?

  • What time should I homeschool?

  • How many hours will I dedicate for school each day/week?

  • Will I need to adjust our routine for curricula alignment?

I have lots of planning templates and ideas available here!

Last, but MOST important, revisit the reason you chose homeschool for your children.

The decision alone shows your investment into their wellbeing, education, and individuality as they grow into and understand the world.

The most valuable lessons I have gotten from this experience came from the actual experience, not the expectations. Read that again.

Take advantage of the vast opportunities to create the perfect learning environment for your family, even if that doesn't look traditional or familiar.

Find a seasoned homeschooler in your area or even on social media and ask them to mentor you. Don't feel the need to recreate the wheel!

What hesitations or questions do you have about starting homeschool?



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