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How to Plan Your Ideal Homeschool Schedule and Routine

I'm a firm believer in front loading expectations that will lead to lasting habits. When it comes to homeschooling, it can be difficult to find a groove worth keeping every day, but once you and your learner get the hang of things it will be well worth finding your fit!

Having a schedule and set list of tasks helps my thrive. When it comes to homeschooling and entrepreneurship, that doesn't always come with a scope and sequence of timelines and checklists.

That was a huge eye-opener for me as a newbie to homeschooling, so I created a rough schedule and daily routine that allows us to enjoy our decision to learn at home.

By following a routine, I am able to effectively manage schooling and everything else life serves up along the way, without feeling scatterbrained or like I'm not utilizing my time.

Do you operate better with a planner or taking on tasks as they come?

Create your dream routine in 3 steps:

Outline your ideal day

I start by dividing all of my tasks into one of 3 sections: morning, noon/afternoon, evening

and writing. Even if you laugh at an idea or task that comes to mind, write it down anyway!

If it's important enough to consider, a time can be found to fit it into your schedule.

For me, these enjoyable tasks include: 1) getting to enjoy my coffee in the morning

2) making 1-2 meals each day

3) enjoying fun down time with my son and husband

4) a relaxing moment for myself

This becomes your foundation to continue adding on and building your dream routine!

Plug-in must do tasks

After organizing my wishlist of tasks and desired activities, I fill in the must-dos!

These pieces include mapping out appointments, learning time, and any other activity or commitment that has a specific, designated day and/or time.

If you're looking for templates to make things as simple as plugging in, take a look here.

There are work from home and home school schedule and routine guides that will help you build your ideal groove without the stress!

I work off of a Week at a Glance, which allows me to plan and prepare for a few days at a time versus becoming overwhelmed by an entire month.

How do you plan and what tools make it easier to manage for you?

Add details to your plan

Sticky notes and colored pens are my best friend when it comes to planning and prepping, and this is where I use them most!

I add notes and to-do lists for myself based on my weekly schedule.

This may include printing and cutting an activity for learning, making an extra trip to the grocery store, or carving out time for work tasks. I add in these bits last, as they become the sprinkles on top of the bigger sundae of scheduling.

Remember to be flexible

Enjoy the hiccups, even when they start to drive you a little bonkers!

One of the best parts about home education is that you can shift, change, add, or cancel whatever necessary to fit your learner's needs, as well as your family's needs.


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