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Read This If You're Worried About Homeschooling

When I moved from teaching in a traditional classroom to our spare bedroom, I was nervous and didn't have a clue to expect from homeschooling.

What would our schedule be like and how would we all adjust? What if my son didn't respond well to my delivery?

Would his growth be effected by making this decision?

I'm sure you have considered all of these too. It isn't a cozy feeling, not being positive about the choice you're making, but on the other side uncertainty is empowerment.

Remember Your Reason

Ask yourself:

What initially lead me to explore the option of home learning for my child?

THAT is the feeling to keep in the front of your mind and near to your heart.

You know, the fierce gaze, hair-blowing-in-the-wind kind of stance where you know you can take on the world. THAT confident version of you is how your kids envision you guiding them with.

When you made the decision to homeschool, you recognized a need in your child's life that was answered best by a personalized plan for his or her education. That alone proves your commitment to your learner, and ultimately your child's best interest.

Don't Commit to Every Detail

Ask Yourself:

Are there steps or pieces of your learning program (schedule, routine, or information) that could be omitted and still benefit my learner?

If the curriculum or program you selected isn't fitting your family's needs, there is no harm in finding a means of making your days easier.

Homeschool happens around your home and as a piece of your family's lifestyle. This welcomed freedom for adaptation and flexibility, which should be treated as pillars in living a life as you see best for all of the members of your family.

If you are just stepping into homeschooling, feel out the curricula, but don't immerse yourself in every minor detail until you know it's here to stay!

All in all, you aren't married to any component of your learning when you homeschool, so embrace the opportunities to change

Get Ahead of Your Worries

Ask Yourself:

How can I ease my biggest worries with actionable steps?

Anxiety is the opposite of the comfortable, confident state of mind that we aim to keep ourselves in. Staying in a headspace like this can be detrimental to your health as well as the magic of learning home.

Create a plan for the areas in which you're struggling with most.

Reach out to your support group! Facebook groups, local homeschoolers, friends, and family can offer fresh ideas for how to approach challenges or solutions you may not have heard about before.

Don't doubt your strength to overcome any obstacle.

You can do it!

If you don't believe that statement, keep saying it until it's true!

I would love to help you along this journey, and problem solving is my favorite part of education, so don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Email me here:


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