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5 Ways to Improve Your Virtual Learning Experience

Communicating and learning through a screen has become one of the new norms sealed in our reality this year. Whether your child has been in a virtual classroom for months or is new to this style of education, here are five tips to revamp or begin this journey learning at home with ease and optimism!

I'm going to tell you exactly how to go from dreading opening that laptop to looking forward to the time your child spends gaining new insight and expanding their mind.

Stop sweating learning at home and turn the page to an enjoyable education experience. Let's get into it!

1. Allow for flexibility in your routine.

Adding a few breaks for a snack, rest, or a quick walk around the house can help break up the monotony of staring at a screen or listening to a lesson lecture.

If there isn't a set schedule, mix up your learner's existing routine. Maybe you have noticed your child getting restless around the same time each day regardless of what tasks had to be tackled. Sometimes the best thing to get unstuck is to literally get moving, change our scenery for a bit, or simply call a time out.

Get inspired to add a little wiggle to your learner's routine, even if it’s spontaneous!

  • Go for a quick walk around the block

  • Take a moment to wash your face to refresh

  • Grab your favorite drink and some fruit

2. Refresh the Learning Space(s) at Home

Isn't it nice to rearrange your furniture every once in a while or find the perfect spot in your home for a small trinket you bought on a whim? Imagine being able to create that same sense of change by mixing it up in your child's learning space.

Simply adding a plant can transform not only an attitude, but an area too! Not only will a plant provide a great opportunity for your child to have the responsibility of caring for it, but it literally adds life to a room.

If your thumb is more brown than green, like mine, don't fret.

Another favorite way of mine to refresh a space in a flash is by diffusing essential oils. Diffusers have made me feel better about having a device with water running rather than a candle burning that I may forget about.

There are SO many options of oils that support creating different atmospheres. My go-to oils for times when we need to focus and stay more alert is peppermint and sweet orange.

3. Check-in Often

If your learner is struggling, make it your priority to check on them more often than usual throughout the day. By simply asking how tasks and meetings are going, you create a safe space for your child to bring any concerns or struggles to you as he or she is experiencing them. This will help to encourage timely problem solving and adjusting with less time wasted, rather than waiting weeks until progress reports come out only to learn there have been underlying issues.

4. Stay optimistic when seeking solutions.

This one can be difficult, but I promise that it's possible.

It can seem like we have exhausted all resources at times and throwing in the towel sounds so good, but persistence is a great tool to equip your learner with. By staying positive and optimistic, we're showing our kids that things are tough sometimes but we are tougher.

Stick it out. The destination will FAR exceed the bumps along the ride.

5. Count the wins of the week!

While we're on the subject of positivity, roll that mindset right into the weekend. Whether you are setting your child's learning schedule or it ends traditionally on a Friday, wrap up by talking about what went well.

On the way for ice cream or before your show comes on, talk with your learner about new discoveries and concepts. Show interest in the peaks of the week through their eyes and reflect on the successes you noticed from yours.

Remote learning can actually be enjoyable.

Of course, there is an adjustment period with taking a new approach, as with any task or job. The same needs to remain in the forefront of our mind when talking about virtual learning. It isn't easy, but having a pleasant leadership experience as a parent and creating the least amount of stress for your learner is attainable.



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